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Taijiquan Short Form

Today I’d like to discuss a bit on the benefits of the Taijiquan short form. Traditionally various styles of Taijiquan encompass two empty hand forms each of which range from 70 to over 108 postures. The amount of space and time it takes to learn and practice the form isRead More…

Eskrima Documentary

Wing Chun Documentary

On Earth, Not a Righteous Man Can Be Found

Last year I worked briefly as a fundraiser for a children’s charity. It was a great job, challenging, gave me the opportunity to help others, and really help me to know myself and others as well. Before I started I knew that it would be tough, that most people wouldn’tRead More…

Prayerful Life

Today I had been spending time to think about prayer. Often this is something we can take forgranted, sometimes even thinking it as just a regulation that wastes time. Like when we pray, maybe before sleeping or before a meal. We go through the motions just to let God seeRead More…

Once Saved, Forever Saved … or is it?

So, there’s a lot of people, including my grandparents, parents, other relatives, and many people that believe that once they accept Jesus, they are saved forever, will go to heaven no matter what they do, because Jesus already forgave them. Sounds too good to be true, right? Believing in God,Read More…

The Birds in the Field

This is an updated post from 2012. Reflecting back on it, there has been a cycle of suffering, change, and entering in since the difficulties from last year. Now it is 2013, the first two months again have been a hard start, but I look forward to a wonderful change…Read More…

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Five Keys


Now I finally have time for myself. While waiting for a friend to contact me, I am going to share some thoughts. Reflecting upon past experiences, when in various circumstances. I’ve found that due to my smaller stature as compared to most other fighters, to keep competitive when sparring, andRead More…

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